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Convert your social media audience into customers with automated AI-powered engaging posts.

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Engaging Posts that Convert

Maintain a consistent social media presence by setting up automated AI-powered posts that keep your followers engaged — and convert them into customers by featuring your products.

Word Guess post

Expand your reach

Social media algorithms prioritize posts with high engagement, showing them to even more users.

Interactive content like "Word Guess" boosts engagement, increasing the visibility of your featured product.

Motivational post

AI-powered automation

Regularly sharing captivating content is essential for social media growth, but finding the time to create posts amidst your busy schedule can be challenging.

Our AI-powered automation solution handles the creation of posts that boost your online presence, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

Discounted product post

Boost sales

Showcasing multiple products can be a daunting task.

Streamline this process by automatically generating posts that highlight your products with high-converting elements such as discount labels.

This increases their visibility and boosts your sales effortlessly.

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Engaging posts

Many ways to engage



Motivational posts often boost audience interaction by inspiring and resonating with their emotions and aspirations.

Word guess

Word guess

"Guess the word" posts stimulate audience participation by challenging their curiosity and problem-solving skills.



Funny posts frequently amplify audience involvement by entertaining and eliciting laughter and joy.



We are constantly adding new templates to help you engage with your audience.


Import products from many sources



Import products from Meta (Facebook) catalogs.



Import products from your Shopify store.


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